Shopping Centre Line Marking

Shopping centres need to be able to accommodate relatively large volumes of traffic, including both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In order to ensure outdoor spaces are safe for both parties, it is imperative that correct line marking is used – as this directs and controls traffic.

Outline Marking Solutions has plenty of experience when it comes to shopping centre spaces, and we can cover everything from car park line marking through to creating pedestrian crossings.

When it comes to car parking, we able to assist with both outdoor and undercover car parks, whether they are concrete or asphalt. Shopping centres need to be able to utilise all available parking space, so it pays to hire a line marking company that is able to work with you in order to come up with the best layout. In addition to regular car parking spaces, we are also able to mark loading zones as well as truck, taxi and bus parking areas.

Pedestrian safety is also of primary importance when it comes to the surrounds of a shopping centre. We are able to install crossings, pedestrian zones and other line markings which help to improve visitor safety.